Tiny-Tots opened its doors on the 10th January 2000, and successfully operated from the local Community Centre for 8 years. In January 2008 the playgroup moved to purpose built premises within the centre of the villages. These premises have an outdoor area attached to the main playroom, which allows the children the choice of playing indoors or outdoors. Throughout the day, children have opportunities to develop personal and social skills, values and attitudes, in the following themes:
Routines, Play activities ,Stories, rhymes, music, pictures and drama, The environment, health, hygiene and safety

In 2013 we changed our name from Tiny-Tots Community Playgroup to Kells & Connor Pre-School to reflect the educational service we provide.

Opening Hours

Pre-School operates from Monday to Friday. The Pre-School operates in the morning session from 9am until 11.30am, and from 12.15 until 2.45pm in the afternoon session.  Your cooperation in good time  keeping would be greatly appreciated as staff need time to set up the Pre-School before sessions and to tidy up and do necessary preparation work after the sessions. The relationship between  parents and staff is one we value greatly in the Pre-School. To get the best start for your child we all need to work together.